Hi! I'm Arwen a.k.a. FemaleSpock. Some of my fandoms (in no particular order): Star Trek (TOS & DS9), Merlin (Morgana is my Queen), Ancient History/Classics (not strictly a fandom but eh), Galactik Football, CLAMP manga, LOTR, Orphan Black, Harry Potter, WTNV, Battlestar Galactica and PLL. If you follow me chances are I'll follow you back if we have interests in common. Feel free to chat to me if you feel like it!


I was tagged by: ask-steelflower-and-flamewriter to write down my top 10 tv shows and then tag 10 friends to do the same! The order doesn’t matter.

1. Galactik Football

2. Dollhouse

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

4. Orphan Black

5. Battlestar Galatica

6. Star Trek (I’m cheating a bit and including all the series under this XD)

7. BBC Merlin

8. Pretty Little Liars

9. Smallville

10. Supernatural (S1-5)

This was harder than I thought, I ended up putting down my top 10 favourite shows rather than the top 10 shows I thought were the best (because if I did that then some of these shows would definitely not be on the list). 

I tag: whimsicalday stardust1019 sorrysifuhotman pgirl1986 gerkyhen being-an-alien timepenguin violentvegetarian transformandrollaroundinfeels scriveners to do this if they feel like it.